“Targetting the right market, and doing so Efficiently”

Marketing requires a set of skills, successful marketing requires expertise: This is what you can expect from Pouria Ansary. He offers an unparalleled marketing approach targetting the right market and doing so efficiently. Pouria believes in diversification and uses both online and print advertising in order to maximize exposure and reach a qualified buyer.

What you get listing your property with Pouria:

  • A network accessing a far-reaching client base, including international clients
  • Great marketing and advertising
  • A free and accurate appraisal considering all market forces
  • Professional Photography

Online Marketing

Over 70% of home buyers and commercial buyers search online. That is why it is imperative to get the greatest exposure possible. With Pouria your properties will be featured in:

Local | NationalInternationalSearch Engines

Print Marketing

Through strategically chosen print advertisement, Pouria Ansary creates exposure for your property in local, national and international newspapers and magazines. Below are a few examples of where your property could be featured:

Montreal GazetteForbesFinancial Times
La PresseReside MagazineNew York Times
West Island GazetteNew York TimesGlobe and Mail
The SuburbanForbesInt. Herald Tribune
Westmount Independent
TMR/Outremont Express
Le messager
Echos Vieux Montreal
Courrier Laval