Whether you’re buying a first home, a revenue property, a commercial property or a business, buying can be a stressful event.

When dealing with a professional such as Pouria, he assists you every step of the way and makes sure that you are well informed and that you make all the right decisions. He doesn’t allow you to get intimidated by sellers since he will be introducing offers and negotiating on your behalf while making sure you are protected even after you have purchased your home. He guides you during the whole process and stays by your side to make sure your transaction goes as smoothly as possible.

Just knowing that you’re dealing with a reputable, experienced, and successful broker can provide the comfort necessary to transform an intimidating situation into a memorable experience.

Here are but a few things that you can expect when buying with Pouria:

  1. Finding a property which meets your demands at a price which meets your financial needs
  2. Negotiating effectively on your behalf
  3. Accurate pre-approval and mortgages provided with his experienced mortgage brokers at a competitive rate and expedited service, Pouria deals with numerous financial institutions and will match you to the right institution for your needs given your situation
  4. A summary of expenses to expect today and in the future when it comes to purchasing your property
  5. Unmatched Notarial services legally protecting you today and in the future
  6. Effective inspection with his top certified inspectors